Rebecca is a phenomenal and professional advocate for my clients. She continually finds creative solutions to the complex problems that seem to endlessly surround our special needs clients. Rebecca is totally grounded. She works tirelessly to make solid connections with our clients and their families, even when delivering tough messages. And, I always appreciate Rebecca’s good humor, as well as her competent, good-hearted and professional staff.
— Corporate Trust Officer
As a psychologist, I have been so incredibly grateful to have Rebecca’s involvement with some of my young adult clients. She has helped my clients generalize their therapy goals of becoming more independent and well-functioning members of society by identifying exactly what they need from a logistical perspective and then helping implement these tools and skills. This has allowed therapy to become more effective and has helped my clients achieve their therapy goals which were incredibly difficult to do so without Rebecca’s strategic support. Rebecca is affectionately referred to as “the boss” by some of my young adult clients in that they know they have to face her if they do not meet her expectations and agreed upon goals, and this matters to them! She has high expectations and holds my clients to a high standard because she believes them to be capable, yet also provides them with the support and resources they need to be successful and carry out their goals and aspirations. Rebecca is also extremely skilled at knowing what is coming down the pike, is highly intuitive, and can look ahead and anticipate future needs and respond accordingly. Her ability to hold firm and clear boundaries and expectations along with her interpersonal style of warmth, nurturing support, and humor seems to be exactly what my clients need.
— Angela Hungelmann, Ph.D. - Pediatric Psychologist
I had done everything I could think of to help my son, but I still could not imagine his future. Diagnosed with Bipolar Disorder and Narcolepsy at age 14, he had stumbled through high school. Then life became overwhelming for him. Attempts at school and work resulted in devastating failure which exacerbated his illness. Now an adult, he was completely dependent on his family. He needed a new kind of help. That’s when I called Rebecca Whitmire.

Rebecca got to know my son and forged a way forward. She interfaced with our family and his medical team. She brought in a combination of private and government services to access his challenges and his talents. She arranged for support where he needed it and challenged him to be a full participant in his own recovery and independence. She was a wonderful coach, making this a process of discovery for him. He learned what his capacity is and where he excels, what his challenges are and what types of support he needs in order to succeed.

Today, my son is happy. He moved out and lives with a group of good friends where he continues to pursue his main passion, which is music. Rebecca and her staff helped him to receive benefits, so he has financial independence. They also put tools in place for money management. His health is rebounding and soon he will start looking for a part time job. When I look back at that first call to Rebecca, it all seems like a miracle. But it wasn’t. It was knowledge, talent, and thoughtful persistence. Thank you and your amazing staff, Rebecca.
— Transition to Adulthood client
After having little success finding the right things to do to help our struggling child, we turned to Rebecca. She listened to our family history, paying close attention to family dynamics, and then devised a plan. Her instincts are right on and she has a phenomenal ability to navigate the complexities of the social services system. Rebecca does not sugar coat the realities of the ongoing struggle. But she and her excellent staff continually encourage and support our family. As our child continues to reach new levels of competency and self-reliance, they have given us something invaluable...peace of mind and a renewed sense of hope.
— Transition to Adulthood client