Ms. Rebecca has been my case manager for years now. I experienced a Traumatic Brain Injury in 1993 and now she coaches and helps me navigate my life decisions. Rebecca has always made sure that I have a very safe, secure home environment staffed with a great team of people. We work as a collaborative team with me at the helm. Rebecca collects ideas and puts them into play. She’s my best advocate giving me choices at every turn – I feel that I am 115% included.
— Care Management client
I was living in another state when my son’s dad passed away unexpectedly and prematurely. We had worked it out so that he would be the primary parent in the same city with our son. I moved back to Seattle and had so much work to do to reorganize my son’s life - his living arrangement; his work; his activities. It all needed a complete overhaul. My work in health care administration is very full-time plus, and it was all rather overwhelming.

”The co-trustee for my son’s special needs trust saw my struggles and suggested I call a case manager that they knew of who was working on other clients’ cases. I had never even thought of something like this and made contact with Rebecca.

”I had no idea what her support would ultimately mean to my son, and to me. He now has a supportive living arrangement which includes compatible roommates and his own personalized space. He has a regular schedule of activities that Rebecca negotiates with my son and coordinates with the agency that supports him. Rebecca re-initiated the assessment process, interrupted years ago by his grief that was needed to support him in a work situation. After months of meetings, work setting interviews, etc. he now has 2 days of supported work. When my son had a significant mental health episode requiring hospitalization, Rebecca ensured that his time at the hospital was well supported and his discharge plan included close monitoring and follow up. He ultimately returned to a higher level of functioning with this ongoing support.

The list goes on and the benefits are immeasurable. For me, I can sleep at night. I know that my time is limited and that my son’s needs are greater than one person can meet. With Rebecca I have a team and my son has quality of life.
— Maria Hatcliffe, Parent
Rebecca really wants to help people and she has helped me immensely. She is very perceptive and kind. I love the caregivers she finds for me. They are honest, efficient, intelligent and capable individuals.
— Care Management client
I have been an attorney in Seattle for over 30 years specializing in personal injury cases. During that time I’ve handled many severe brain and spinal cord injury cases. I have associated case manager Rebecca Whitmire to help a number of my clients. Rebecca has always worked very well with both my clients and their families in formulating and implementing successful care management plans. I give Rebecca my highest recommendation and will continue to retain her in order to maximize the outcomes of my clients.
— Simon Forgette, P.S., The Law Offices of Simon H. Forgette, P.S.