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Self-Care Challenge


This year we are opening up our self-care challenge to our colleagues! Join the fun! 

Starting January 29th we will challenge ourselves to four weeks of wellness for our mind, body and soul!

Yes, of course it's a bit competitive & there are prizes (uhmm have you met us?)!  We do want to keep you motivated however, it isn't a secret that we truly want this to be a jump start to taking good care of yourself throughout 2018.

You will find the 'Self-Care Challenge Planner" on our website.  Download it, review it, develop your plan, tally your score each week and submit it to by Sunday, 11:59 pm each week to be eligible for weekly prizes.

A couple of rules:
1. It's a good, old-fashioned honor system. If you really worked out every day for 30 days or if you read Ulysses overnight... we are going to believe you. 
2. Email your results in each Sunday and we will announce the winner/s by the end of the week.
3. This is meant to be fun, motivating and a way to build community.

Please check with your doctor if you need to do so.  Also be careful, kind, appropriate and all those other good things.  Let's do this!