Care Management

 Care Management

Transitions & Life Skills

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Trust & Fiduciary

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Care planning, for us, is an organic process which begins with an assessment of each client’s current status and future goals.  Our goal is to navigate and mitigate the complexities of rehabilitation, and create and collaborate with the most inclusive team of experts who can look honestly and comprehensively at future care needs. 

Care Management services include:

  • Medical case management
  • Clinical coordination
  • Care staff management
  • Vocational guidance
  • Education advocacy
  • Quality of life assurance

Transitions take time, strategy and a focused level of planning to achieve. Whether in college, living independently for the first time, or changing life’s course, we help recognize strengths and design an approach that is tailored to our client’s situation. We work as partners to inspire real change on a path to self-reliance.

The route taken to achieve one’s goals will be co-designed with us; our role is to turn the complex into the simple. Our clients learn:

  • Budget management 
  • Time management
  • Social integration
  • Community building
  • Job acquisition
  • Health and fitness
  • Self-reliance
  • Systems management
  • Self-advocacy
  • Building and repairing relationships

Thoughtful planning of assets is essential in protecting our clients for their future.  We know how important it is to work together in creating realistic budgets and securing benefits is to our clients.  Special Needs Trusts require careful management since they are set-up to protect assets that would otherwise disqualify a beneficiary from state and federal benefits.  We serve as liaison between all respective parties and our client to ensure this security.  

Whitmire & Associates will be your advocate and provide:

  • Benefits analysis
  • Special Needs Trust advisory committee member
  • Money management skills training
  • Representative Payee services