Rebecca Whitmire - Founder, CEO

Rebecca has enjoyed a successful career in specialized care management for more than 20 years. She worked for several years as a private case manager in Alaska and gained experience in special needs trust before opening a private care-management practice in the Puget Sound area in 2003. 

Rebecca is committed to providing optimal care that meets each client's unique needs. She focuses on a collaborative approach, working with a team of professionals from various specialties to develop care-management plans that are comprehensive and responsive. This approach draws upon Rebecca's ability to connect with people by listening with sincerity and respecting others as individuals. 

Clients describe Rebecca as someone who believes in their abilities, gently encourages them and inspires them to persevere. She is an independent thinker while also embracing the expertise of others. She is steadfast in creating a clear plan for clients while remaining flexible when it's time to try new ideas. 

Rebecca incorporates a belief in the mind/body/spirit connection and remains sensitive toward clients' diverse cultural, ethnic, gender and other perspectives. Rebecca's professional nature is complemented by her keen sense of humor. She enjoys presenting as a guest speaker for the University of Washington’s Care Management Certificate Program and sharing her experiences in the health care and social service field.

Stefanie Niesz - Care Manager

Stefanie Niesz has been a member of the Whitmire & Associates team since 2008. She earned a B.A. in Sociology at the University of Washington where she currently is working towards a Master's degree in Social Work.  

Stefanie's background includes her work in offering health and wellness support as a member of care teams that included physical therapists, occupational therapists, speech pathologists and educators. 

Since joining Whitmire & Associates, Stefanie primarily has worked as a Life Skills Coach as she teaches clients about financial budgeting, time management, leisure and organizational skills, meal planning, job-search skills and employment skills. 

Clients describe Stefanie as a compassionate, realistic and friendly professional who genuinely enjoys working with individuals who need additional support to improve their quality of life. 

Cathy Warms - Ph.D., ARNP, RN, CRRN

Cathy Warms is a rehabilitation nurse and nurse practitioner with more than 30 years of experience caring for people with disabilities. Her clinical expertise is in rehabilitation medicine and nursing with a focus on lifetime care for people with spinal cord injuries, other traumatic injuries, and various neurological conditions.

Cathy's previous work experience includes 20 years as a nurse practitioner at the University of Washington Medical Center outpatient rehabilitation clinic and 10 years as an inpatient nurse in the inpatient rehabilitation unit. She earned B.S., M.N. and Ph.D. degrees in nursing at the University of Washington and holds certifications as a family nurse practitioner and certified registered rehabilitation nurse.

Cathy believes that all people deserve the opportunity to enjoy active, healthy and fulfilling lives.  She works with individuals to help them improve their health, functional abilities and quality of life in the face of disabling conditions.

Cathy enjoys running and bicycling. She believes that physical activity is essential to a healthy life. She also enjoys making wire and beaded jewelry, cooking, reading, and sewing. She is a volunteer with the UW spinal cord injury model system and a former member of the Governor’s Committee on Disability Issues and Employment.

Stacie Frank - Care Manager

Stacie Frank has worked as a Care Management Assistant with Whitmire & Associates since August 2013 and has recently been promoted to a Care Manager.

As a member of the Whitmire and Associates team, Stacie serves as an executive functioning coach, helping young adults transition toward independence in academic and home settings.

Stacie’s philosophy includes the belief that constructive change is made when a client is emotionally stable.  She integrates a variety of counseling approaches in her work, including solution-focused and peer-support therapy.

Stacie earned a Bachelor of Arts in Education at Penn State University in State College, PA.  She also participated in an inner-city student teaching program in Philadelphia and worked as a teacher for more than three years.  She currently is earning a Master’s in Counseling at Seattle University.

Clients describe Stacie as able to relate with many different people.  She also is known as being empathetic, transparent and reliable.

Stacie’s interests include running, yoga, spending time with family and friends, and enjoying East coast pizza.


Alyssa Lorenz - Finance Manager & Benefits Coordinator

Alyssa Lorenz joins us from the guardianship and trust industry, where she worked as a Financial Manager. She has joined Whitmire & Associates as our new Finance Manager & Benefits Coordinator.

Alyssa attended the University of Kansas, where she earned two Bachelor of Arts; one in Classical Languages and another in Art History, and a minor in Business. She is always in search of an adventure - she studied abroad in Italy & France and after college; she spent several months participating in a Minoan archaeological dig in Crete, Greece.

Clients describe Alyssa as patient, sincere and a strong advocate. She believes that kindness and support can have a direct impact on people's well-being.

Alyssa enjoys yoga, hiking, reading, and when the wind is just right - sailing. As much as she loves the Pacific Northwest, she will always be a Kansas Jayhawks fan.


Valerie Woolvett RN - Medical Care Manager
Valerie joins us with extensive experience having worked for 23 years as an inpatient rehab nurse at University of Washington Medical Center (UWMC).  She has expertise working with spinal cord injuries (SCI), brain injuries, CVA, MS and a diversity of other illnesses and disabilities.  

Valerie left inpatient rehab moving to the outpatient clinics to work as an Assistant Clinic Manager in the Neurology, Rehab, MS and Headache Clinics for 5 years.  The last two years prior to retirement from UWMC, she worked as a Clinic RN in the float pool to cover RN ill calls for a variety of clinics: Vascular, Surgery, Urology, Rehabilitation, Neurology, MS, Men’s Fertility, Women’s Health, Derm, Family Medicine, Genetics and ENT.

Valerie was active on the Outpatient Patient Advisory Council for Rehabilitation, whose goal was to improve patient accessibility and provide input into improving patient relations. The committee designed an excellent resource manual for long term disability patients that is still in use today.   Valerie was honored with the Daisy Award for Nursing in 2011.   

Valerie believes that everyone has the right to lead a healthy, active and fulfilling life.  She is committed to collaborating with clients to establish short and long term goals to better enhance their functional ability and personal aspirations.  She is also dedicated to helping those with disability maximize their physical and emotional independence.

Valerie moved to Snohomish in 2014 and loves hiking, jogging, swimming and yoga. 

Mary Jane Swedberg RN, MHSA - Medical Care Manager
Mary Jane Swedberg is a healthcare professional with extensive nursing experience in ambulatory care, coordination of care/care management, home health, patient and nursing education as well as critical care and emergency room nursing.

Mary Jane’s most recent experience includes 22 years as a nursing manager at Group Health Cooperative in ambulatory care, nursing education & practice, and complex care management with a special focus on heart failure case management and pediatric case management.   She gained her Bachelor of Science Nursing from Seattle University and a Masters in Health Services Administration from St. Joseph’s College of Maine. 

Mary Jane is knowledgeable about health care for all ages throughout the full spectrum of life.  She is especially passionate about assisting individuals to gain and achieve their educational/career goals.  She believes in setting goals high in lieu of setting goals too low and missing opportunities for reaching an individual’s full capabilities. 

Mary Jane enjoys regular exercise in the gym, pool, and neighborhood/garden walks.  She loves to spend time gardening, reading, cooking, and knitting.  She is a supporter of Life Enrichment Options and Little Bit Therapeutic Riding Center.  In addition, Mary Jane is a member of American Association of Ambulatory Care Nurses.


 Erin Suddon  Care Management Assistant

Erin Suddon
Care Management Assistant

  Brita Nelson   Care Management Assistant

Brita Nelson
Care Management Assistant

  Amy Zhen   Executive Assistant

Amy Zhen
Executive Assistant

 Gina Massoni  Bookkeeper

Gina Massoni

 Brandon Fischer  Accounting Assistant

Brandon Fischer
Accounting Assistant

 Diane Johnson  Administrative Assistant    

Diane Johnson
Administrative Assistant