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Rebecca Whitmire - Founder, CEO

Rebecca has enjoyed a successful 20 + year career working in the field of specialized care management. She worked for several years as a private case manager in Alaska and gained experience in Special Needs Trusts before opening her private practice serving the needs of individuals in the Puget Sound area in 2003.

Rebecca is committed to identifying optimal care that meets the unique individual needs of each client. She takes a collaborative approach, utilizing a team of professionals from varied specialties to create a care management plan that is both comprehensive and responsive. This relies on her ability to connect with people, as well as listen and understand them as individuals. 

Clients describe Rebecca as someone who believes in their abilities, pushes gently, and inspires them to persevere.  She is an independent thinker, while also embracing the expertise and perspectives of others. She is steadfast in creating a clear plan for clients and appreciates when it’s time to try new ideas and directions. Rebecca incorporates a belief in the mind/body/spirit connection and considers the diverse (cultural, racial, gender, etc.) needs of her clients.  Her professional nature is only complemented by her keen sense of humor.

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Stefanie Niesz - Field Director

Stefanie has been working with Whitmire & Associates since 2008.  She has a Sociology degree from the University of Washington and is currently enrolled in the Master of Social Work (MSW) program at the University of Washington.

Her background includes health and wellness support working with teams including physical therapists, occupational therapists, speech pathologists and educators.

Since joining Whitmire & Associates, Stefanie has primarily worked as a Life Skills Coach teaching clients about money and time management, leisure and organizational skills, meal planning, job skills and job coaching.  She has built skills to take on the role as Junior Care Manager.

Clients describe Stephanie as having a compassionate, realistic, and charming personality who genuinely loves to work with clients who need additional support to improve their quality of life.

Stefanie’s passions outside of work include outdoor activities, travel and enjoying her friends and family.

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Cathy Warms - PhD ARNP RN CRRN

Cathy Warms is a rehabilitation nurse and nurse practitioner with more than thirty years experience caring for people with disabilities. Her clinical expertise is in rehabilitation medicine and nursing focusing on lifetime care for people with spinal cord injury, other traumatic injuries, and various neurological conditions. Her past work experience includes 20 years as a nurse practitioner at the University of Washington Medical Center outpatient rehabilitation clinic and 10 years as an inpatient nurse in the inpatient rehabilitation unit. She has BS, MN and PhD degrees in nursing from the University of Washington and holds certification as a family nurse practitioner and certified registered rehabilitation nurse.

Cathy believes that all people deserve the opportunity to enjoy active, healthy and fulfilling lives.  She works with individuals to help them improve their health, function and quality of life in the face of disabling conditions.

Cathy enjoys running and bicycling. She believes that physical activity is essential to a healthy life. She also enjoys making wire and beaded jewelry, cooking, reading, and sewing. She is a volunteer for the UW spinal cord injury model system and a former member of the Governor’s Committee on Disability Issues and Employment.

  Caitlin  Ibarra    Field Assistant    

Caitlin Ibarra
Field Assistant


   Stacie Frank   Field Assistant

 Stacie Frank
 Field Assistant

  Sam Simkoff  Field Assistant

Sam Simkoff
Field Assistant

  Christine Blubaugh  Wellness Coach

Christine Blubaugh
Wellness Coach

  Diane Johnson  Administrative Assistant

Diane Johnson
Administrative Assistant

  Brandon Fischer  Accounting Assistant

Brandon Fischer
Accounting Assistant